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What To Watch For: UCLA Edition

We did it! We finally did it! We made it to the Rose Bowl this year!

  • Will the offense stay the same? I think most of us were happy with the changes we saw last week. Jeff looked at how the playcalling changed and what effect that had on the success of the offense. Will we see a more pronounced slide away from the running game? After a week in which the backs didn't really do anything special in practice, it seems that way.
  • The difference in pistols. UCLA runs one version of the pistol, WSU runs a completely different version. UCLA will run the option out of Pistol. WSU should (please, Todd) pass out of theirs again this week. The formations are close to the same -- WSU lines up a bit deeper in the backfield -- but what you'll see out of them is completely different.
  • Can the defense tackle today? They've been hitting all week in practice, but will it translate to the game? Will they be more disciplined and at least be in the right spots to make tackles? Like most of you, I have little faith right now.
This is your morning open thread. Minnesota takes on Northwestern, my guide says Miami-Clemson is one but I see a Champions League game instead and Kansas battles Baylor. Man this is not a good morning for football on Comcast.