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WSU-UCLA RECAP: So This Is What It Feels Like

Ledgerwood and Nwachukwu make a the end zone.
Ledgerwood and Nwachukwu make a the end zone.

We lost. Fine. It's not like many expected us to win. I thought I'd be happy with a competitive game, but I'm not.

In the fourth quarter there was hope. It looked like Jeff Tuel won the race to the pylon and put WSU up a score, even though Andrew Furney appeared to miss the extra point. Boy were we wrong.

We still saw progress yet again this week. It's encouraging, but it's so disappointing to get that close.

The good
The offense. Jeff Tuel and Marquess Wilson played fantastic again. Jeffrey Solomon had some sure-handed grabs. It was good, for the second week in a row.
The third quarter. WSU came out and scored on their first series, then scored again after forcing a fumble on fourth down. This is the first time this year the Cougs came out of halftime firing. Good to see.

The bad/ugly/disgusting/terrible
The series from the one yard line. Sneak up the middle (not bad). Boot right (good) that we thought was a TD. Trips left, roll left, throw out of the back of the endzone (uh...). Stretch right with Montgomery (remote thrown).
The run defense. 437 yards given up on the ground. The linebackers make me sick.
The kicking game. Self explanatory.
The offensive line. After a decent performance last week, they broke down when it mattered. They're gonna get Tuel killed if they don't figure it out.

So where are you all at? Happy, mad, disappointed or something else?

Use this to discuss the game and tonight's games. I hear there's a pretty good Pac-10 game on.