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Five Good Questions With Stanford's Rule Of Tree

We haven't done many of these Q&A's this year -- in fact, I think the only one we've done was with Oklahoma State at the beginning of the year -- but we had an opportunity to exchange questions and answers with SB Nation's new Stanford site, Rule of Tree. Here are the answers from Scott Allen, who has done a nice job in a short amount of time there with posts like this.

CougCenter: Jim Harbaugh thinks Andrew Luck is perfect. Thoughts? 

Rule Of Tree: Jim Harbaugh has been known to speak in hyperbole with an enthusiasm unknown to mankind, which is part of what makes him such a great quote. Between Andrew Luck's four interceptions and 33 percent incompletion rate, I think it's pretty clear he isn't quite a perfect quarterback. Perhaps his QB skills will be as perfect as his tackling skills by the end of the season. In all seriousness, when USC scored the go-ahead touchdown with more than a minute to go two weeks ago, there was little doubt in my mind that Luck would march the Cardinal right back down the field. There aren't many quarterbacks who inspire that sort of confidence.    

CougCenter: Speaking of love ... is Owen Marecic really deserving of a 900-word tribute? (And is this where the bromances finally end?)

Rule Of Tree: If Marecic wasn't worthy of a 900-word tribute before the season began, he justified at least a 450-word tribute by scoring touchdowns on offense and defense in the span of 13 seconds the week that he was featured in SI. His celebrity has faded somewhat in the weeks since that rare feat, but he's continued to be a key contributor at both fullback and linebacker. So long as this team keeps winning, the bromances will continue to spread.

CougCenter: Where is Stanford vulnerable on defense?

Rule Of Tree: USC quarterback Matt Barkley and freshman receiver Robert Woods shredded the Stanford defense two weeks ago (before doing the same against Cal), and while the unit is improved from last season, the Cardinal secondary remains vulnerable. If the Cougars' offensive line can keep Jeff Tuel on his feet, he could have a big day. 

CougCenter: How might the Cougs try to slow the Cardinal offense?

Rule Of Tree: I know the Cougars' running game has struggled, but I think their best hope for slowing Stanford is for Tuel to keep the Cardinal offense off the field by leading some methodical drives. If the Washington State defense can generate the sort of pressure that it did against Arizona, that would also help, but Stanford's offensive line is stout and doesn't give up many sacks.

CougCenter: How do you see the game playing out?    

Rule Of Tree: The Cougars seem to have improved, but I expect the well rested Cardinal to take advantage of Wazzu's run defense and cruise to an easy win on Homecoming. It wouldn't surprise me to see Stepfan Taylor and another Stanford running back top the century mark, with Luck attempting only 10-15 passes.