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The Gift Of Technology Enhances My Gameday Experience

Note: This is the last post in the series of Samsung sponsored posts.

The beauty of the Internet, and technology, is the amount of information right at our fingertips. In a moment's notice, any of us can hop online, navigate to our favorite website and find all the in-depth statistics needed to break-down a game. 

For me, no gameday is complete without the ample use of technology. I never leave home, or at the very least my couch, without my weapon of choice -- a laptop. Whether covering a game in-person or watching on TV, having the Internet as my trusty sidekick enhances my experience.

Almost to a fault, I want to know everything about the game, players and statistics behind the game. Quick, what was the WSU basketball team's ORtg for 2008? It's all at all right there, in the wonderful world we call the Internet

Today was the first sign basketball season had arrived for me. Not because games are tipping-off en masse, but because I made the changeover I make every year when basketball season starts. The basketball nerd's Bible -- -- made its triumphant return as my homepage. It allows for easy navigation when I want to know any and everything about all 300+ teams in the NCAA.

No, this doesn't mean I abandoned CougCenter. I have tabs that always stay open to the three sites I work for: CougCenter, SB Nation Seattle and

Need to find information from different sites all at once? Why there's an answer for that, as well. I have what we like to call tab-fever. It's a plague. At any moment, you can look at my browser and find a minimum of 10 tabs open. That doesn't even begin to account for the mess you'll see when I get into work and research modes. I haven't yet found the maximum number of pages Chrome allows, but it's a goal I hope to achieve someday.

Where do we find such tools? Here's a short list.

Kenpom - the one, the only, the best site for basketball season.

Smart Football
Football Outsiders College
College Football Reference

College Splits - advanced stats for college, oh my!

Admittedly, I'm using this list as a starting point. Why? Because this is where you come in. Hand over your best stat sites so we can add them to the list.