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Busy Day At CougCenter

Welcome to the busiest day of the CougCenter calendar! With football playing and basketball officially opening its season, we've got a lot of content lined up for you today. Here's what you can expect (times are approximate):

11:30 a.m.: Brian will bring you his "What To Watch For" post on the football game vs. Oregon State. It'll include what's becoming our weekly routine - a Cover it Live pregame live chat in which the authors answer your questions. 

1 p.m.: WSU at Oregon State football game thread.

3 p.m.: Klay Thompson player profile. Gotta take a look at the team's most important player before the season officially starts, right? (Besides, we're going to need a diversion from the football game.)

4:30 p.m.: Football carnage recap. 

4:45 p.m: Southern at WSU basketball game thread.

8 p.m.: Basketball victory recap.

There you go. Try not to have too much fun today!