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What To Watch For: Oregon State Edition

Washington State heads to Corvallis for the last of 11 straight games. If nothing else, at least we get a two week break after today's game.

  • Jacquizz Rodgers. He runs like he's out of a video game. Expect WSU to get a heavy dose of Quizz all day. With the run defense, or lack thereof, the Cougs possess, it could be a long day.
  • The WSU offense. Daniel Blackledge is back, Gino Simone is out. James Montgomery is back, but I have no idea how the other guys that were banged up last week are doing. Will WSU continue to spread it out and throw the ball around? Will the Cougs revert to a power game? I don't have a clue.
  • The WSU front seven against the Oregon State running game. The problems of the front seven have been well documented. Anthony Laurenzi gets the start at defensive tackle again and C.J. Mizell looks like he's got his act together and has turned the corner. We're gonna need him against Quizz and OSU.
  • Does WSU continue running Jeff Tuel. He won't admit it, but Tuel got knocked around quite a bit last week. With two weeks off after today's game, this feels like a go-for-broke type match-up. Just throw everything at OSU and hope some of it works.
Game is at 1 p.m. on FSN. We'll be back at noon with a live chat. We can talk football or, more likely, basketball.