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WSU's First Win, From The OSU Perspective

Andy Wooldridge from Building The Dam has been gracious enough to pass along some of the photos he took of the Cougs during Saturday's win, along with some thoughts on the Cougs. 

First, the pictures:

And the thoughts:

I was one of those on the fence at best as to whether Paul Wulff could, or should, survive as a coach. But yesterday I got to spend some time in close proximity to a lot of the players, as well as a lot of others, and before there was anything to hint at the outcome to come.

The combination of the attitude I saw, and the preparation Wulff did, convinced me he has earned a chance. In 45 years around football, I've seen more than enough examples of people who don't want to be where they are, and don't care. That's the exact opposite of what I saw from the Cougs. I saw a program that, if they get some more resources to work with, are going to be tough to deal with.

Interesting perspective. You can also read his recap of the game here.