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Reggie Moore's Injured Wrist In A Cast; Out Indefinitely

There will a preview and game thread shortly, but I wanted to pass along this quick note. We've had a feeling for a bit, but haven't had any confirmation, that Reggie Moore's injury was worse than anyone was letting on. Well, now you know too, thanks to Vince Grippi.

You won't see Reggie Moore in a Cougar uniform tonight. And you might not for a while. Moore's left wrist is in a cast and he'll not play until the inflammation heals. It could be this week, two weeks, three, maybe ... well, no one knows for sure.

He's been favoring the wrist for a few weeks and playing in the exhibition sure didn't seem to help it. For now, it's best for Moore and for the team to take this as slow as possible. Rush the injury, and the team could be in deep trouble if he aggravates it. Take some time with it and the newcomers get a chance against lesser competition. There's just no need to rush this along.

In the mean time, WSU will be much weaker without Moore. Face it, there's nobody on this team that can run the point like he can. Capers is good, but not on Moore's level. Aden can score, but can he create for others? Dre Winston Jr. just plain isn't ready for primetime yet. Fortunately, they'll all gain some much needed experience until Moore is out of his cast and ready for action.