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College Football Saturday: Cougar Bye Week Open Thread

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For the first time since the season started, we get to relax and enjoy the college football action.


Oklahoma State Cowboys vs Kansas Jayhawks (FSN) - Yawn.
Wisconsin Badgers vs Michigan Wolverines (ESPN) - Big House yawn.
Pitt vs USF (ESPN2) - Yawn
Yale vs Harvard (VERSUS) - Watching to get smarter.

I hate morning games

12:30 p.m.
tOSU vs. Iowa (ABC) - Ricky Stanzi says if you love America, you'll watch this game. If you don't, you're a hippie and he hates you.
Ole Miss vs LSU (CBS) - Laptop thief vs grass eater.
Cal vs Stanford (FSN) - BIG GAME!
V-Tech vs Miami (ESPN) - Beamer Ball vs. Swagger
Illinois vs Northwestern at Wrigley Field - This game ROCKS. Earlier in the week, when they finally laid out the field, something looked off. I couldn't quite put my finger on it, though.


Oh, right ... that. So the Big Ten decides they want to avoid the potential knee, face, torso carnage and we get a backyard football game as a result. The end zone pictured here won't be used and teams will flip-flop every possession, only going toward the end zone not pictured. Watch for comedic value.

4 p.m.
Army and Notre Dame desecrate New Yankee Stadium with bad football (NBC)
Mizzou at Iowa State (FSN) - I, for one, am expecting a close game.
Arkansas vs. Miss. State (ESPN) - ESS EEE SEE FOOTBALL!

5 p.m.
USC vs. Oregon State (ABC) - In what the ... news, Dillon Baxter was left in LA after riding in a golf cart with a student that may have been an agent.
Oklahoma vs Baylor (ESPN2) - Robert Griffin is a man.