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Cougar Calls With Bill Moos: Clarification On The Seattle Game

The big news last week was the decision to move next year's Oregon State game in Pullman to Qwest Field. Money, of course, was the overriding factor in the decision. But the move did leave many fans scratching their heads and wondering what the impact on season tickets and attendance would be. Does it mean loyal season ticket holders will be, in essence, double charged; forced to buy into the Qwest Field game on top of a season ticket package?

The money was simply too good, Moos said. A successful game in Qwest will net the athletic department "a million to a million-five." That falls in line with what we expected. The real reason, he said, was using the weekend as a recruiting event, for future students, donors and sponsors. But it does come at a price, especially for loyal season ticket holders that travel to Pullman.

Bill Moos heard the concerns and, apparently, acted fast on them. This morning, on Cougar Calls with Bill Moos, the Washington State athletic director was asked about the details behind the game. In response, he said the Qwest Field game would be included in 2011 season ticket packages and any further conference games that may be scheduled at Qwest, whether it be Oregon or Oregon State, would be included in future packages.

Later in the show, a caller asked a follow-up question, wondering if Eastern Washington fans that couldn't get to Seattle would be able to orchestrate a buy-back, allowing WSU to redistribute the tickets to those who could make it to Qwest. That, he said, was still on the table and something the athletic department is looking at.

In response to questions about Pullman getting the shaft, Moos said "We're working very hard, with some success of bringing some high quality, intersectional opponents to Martin Stadium. BCS caliber schools early." With students in Pullman early, and able to easily attend non-conference games, Moos thinks it's vital to bring high-quality non-conference teams from BCS conferences to Pullman. And it sounds like they're very close to doing so.

I'll have more on Cougar Calls, Paul Wulff and Bill Moos later, but this should be good news for season ticket holders.