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APPLE CUP MEMORIES: The 1992 Snow Bowl

Given the date of this game and the forecast for this weekend, I figured this was only appropriate. 

Here's another link of just the throw with the commentary. Sounds like Bud on the call.

The funny thing about this game for me is that I VIVIDLY remember watching this ... as a Husky fan. I thought my team was invincible, and I was crushed, as teenagers who are crazy fans of a team are when their team loses. Alas, my family went to the Rose Bowl to watch the Huskies play against Michigan anyway, and, well ... that didn't go much better thanks to Tyrone Wheatley.

Of course, this was also the beginning of the end of UW's Pac-10 dominance, as all the Billy Joe Hobert stuff was just starting to come out, and Probation Nation was just around the corner. 

But hey! I realized the error of my ways a couple of years later, and the rest is history. I own this sucker now as if I was a fan all along. Is that legal? I don't know, and I DON'T CARE! 

Go Bledsoe! Go Bobo! Go Cougs!