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APPLE CUP MEMORIES: 2004 And 'This Land'

What's that you say? What's so special about the 2004 game? Don't remember much about it?

Honestly, I don't really either. Not sure why it's not distinguished in my memory. (I actually think I was in Atlanta with a bunch of student journalists watching the game at an ESPN Zone while eating dinner. I think.)

But I do remember this:

Of course, the video is a take-off JibJab's landmark "This Land," made for the 2004 presidential election. Bonus points if you can figure out who did the voice of Keith Gilbertson without looking it up. Credit to KOMO-TV's Eric Johnson for writing the script.

"The Husky Natioooon, is on PROBA - A - TIOOOOOOON ..."


Oh, and if you need a refresher on the game itself, WSU broke a string of six losses in the series -- dating back to 1997's Rose Bowl clincher -- with the 28-25 victory in Pullman. You can watch Jason Hill's record-breaking TD catch here.