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Report: Reggie Moore To Play Against Kansas State

After sitting out the past five games with his wrist in a cast, Reggie Moore is reportedly ready to play against Kansas State on Friday. Jeff Goodman, of Fox Sports, is reporting Moore is expected to play against the No. 5 Wildcats. His wrist, however, will be in a protective splint.

Washington State's Reggie Moore is expected to play Friday night against Kansas State with a splint on his wrist. Has missed first 5 games.less than a minute ago via TweetDeck

If Moore will be back it's obviously good news for the Cougs. Against Kansas State, having Moore's experience and ability to penetrate from the point guard spot opens the offense in ways no other player can. That much became clear in his absence. However, with Moore out, some of the younger players picked up valuable floor-time and gained experience that should be useful.

As I said before, my hope is the team doesn't rush Moore back from the injury. If he's cleared to play, we can assume the training staff believes his injured wrist will hold up just fine and the possibility of re-injury is limited. If it's true Moore is back and with DeAngelo Casto looking likely to play, the Cougars appear to be healthy and set for Friday's game. Time to pick up a signature win.

Edit: As Jeff pointed out, and I thought while writing this, it's odd Goodman is the one "breaking" this. Take this as it is: a report. We've heard everything from doubtful to probable to Goodman's report of "expected to play" in the last 24 hours and probably won't know for sure until game-time on Friday.