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PAC-10 BASKETBALL: Get Your Fix With 18 And Life

You probably have noticed that posting has gotten a little sparse around here. That's an unfortunate combination of a lack of games (thanks, finals week) and incredible busyness on the parts of all of the authors, all at the same time. I know I'm buried under a mountain of grading and schoolwork at the moment. Even if not much comes your way the rest of this week, rest assured we're going to ramp it up again for the Diamondhead Classic next week.

If you need something to keep you going, though, here's the latest episode of 18 And Life, the Pac-10 hoops podcast I do with Sports Press NW writer Seth Kolloen. We do spend a fair amount of time talking about the Cougs. If you're interested, you can find subscription options on our home page.

Oh, and if you're a Seattle sports fan, you really should check out Seth's Exit 164 feature at Sports Press NW each morning. It's a great place to start your day.