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Uh oh. I might be in trouble on that one.

(Mmm. MMM! That is some good fondue!)

Huh? What's that Marcus? You just want to be a pro basketball player and can't have weird bloggers getting in your way and distracting you?

I don't know what to say. I just ... got excited.

I just wanted to shout it from a mountain. But I didn't have a mountain! I had a website and keyboard. 

Look. I write about WSU basketball. That's what I do. And today's top story, in Jeff Nusser's world, read something like this:

I love Marcus Capers and his 135.9 offensive rating, which is 15th in the country!

Seriously: What's not to love about a 6-foot-4 guard who has a 57.8 true shooting percentage, 10.1 offensive rebounding percentage, 15.0 defensive rebounding percentage, 20.1 assist rate and 9.4 turnover rate, all while playing lockdown defense?

Granted, he's only using 13.8 of the Cougs' possessions and only has an 11.4 shot percentage. But there's something wonderfully intoxicating about a guy who can score with that kind of efficiency while not being a central part of the offense. He's the kind of guy every team needs, but not every team has.

Today's stat goes out to you, Marcus.

I love you.

Try not to be too creeped out.