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A Couple Of WSU-Related Links To Throw Your Way

I found these two things interesting, so I wanted to share them with you this afternoon.

First, those of you in the Seattle area know what a black hole KJR-AM can be for WSU stuff outside of the two hours a day Ian Furness and his sidekick, Jason Puckett, are on the air. Puckett has decided to start his own WSU podcast, the second episode of which is now up on KJR's WSU news page.  He interviews Bud Nameck and Jack Thompson for this one. Here's the direct link to the episode.

The other is a view of our Cougar basketballers from our SB Nation brethren at California Golden Blogs. Always fun to get a look at how the other side sees us:

Let's say the bigs cancel out, a BIG if. Although Smith and Gutierrez can probably hold down Aden and Thompson for awhile, can they do anything else for a much longer period? Who's going to handle Marcus Capers? More importantly, facing a talented team that plays defense and nearly knocked off a top 10 Kansas State team, can Cal generate any offense of their own from their shooters? I'd be very happy if we won our home game.  That'd be a big victory for us.    

Honestly, Cal is a team the Cougs should sweep, assuming the defense is for real. Unless Mike Montgomery has some sort of magical key to unlock the Bears' offense that he hasn't used yet, they're going to struggle mightily to score points against WSU.