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APPLE CUP: Official CougCenter Tailgate

You asked for it, and now you get it: A CougCenter tailgate before the Apple Cup where we can all meet up and consume a few tasty beverages while putting some faces with some real and fake names.

BigWood has graciously offered to host this function, and here are the details.

Where: B-Lot
When: BigWood is planning to arrive shortly before 10 a.m. I will be arriving sometime around 1 p.m. When you arrive is up to you. (Sorry, current students standing in line for your seats. We'll have to figure something else out.)
How we will find each other: Since we don't have any kind of CougCenter banner, here's how BigWood says to find us: "We're on the grassy knoll in the B-Lot on Grimes Way across from French Ad. B-Lot Tailgater flies a pirate flag. You can hear our music from the bookie." If you are looking for me, I'll be the guy in the blue Columbia parka with a beard and earrings too large for my age protruding oddly from under my crimson beanie.
What to bring: You're on your own for beverages; it has been requested to only bring cans. If you're a beer snob like me, BigWood as assured me that "Dissmores has an alarming amount of beers you had no idea came in cans." I am looking forward to this. (Upside of the cold weather? You won't need a cooler!) Also, there will be three or four grills set up, which you are free to use if you bring your own meat. Please also bring something in the way of a snack to share with everyone. (BigWood didn't ask for that, but that's a nice thing to do for people who are hosting a bunch of strangers, don't you think?)
Parking: Via BigWood: "You have to have a B-Lot pass or higher to park in that lot, but there are several lots around that are free. With the four people I come with, we usually park one car in the lot and another car in the gravel lot off of Grimes Way."

That's about it. Looking forward to meeting many of you. If you want to contact me that morning or anytime over the weekend, feel free to hit me up at cougcenter(at)gmail(dot)com. My newfangled Android phone has e-mail.