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Apple Cup Weather And Road Report

The beauty of being self-employed is the ability to travel whenever the heck I want. In an effort to beat the rush, that meant hopping in the car and shuttling my butt across the state today. We've arrived in Pullman, braving the elements as an advance scout for you, the faithful reader heading across the state for the Apple Cup.

Driving over today was actually perfect. The pass itself was bare and wet, without ice or even freezing temperatures. Highway 26, where two wheel drive vehicles go to die in the snow, was also looking good, with nary a snowflake in sight on the road. The only downside to the drive today? Fog. From about Washtucna on, there was plenty of fog -- creating rolling slow-downs at times.

The snow did begin to fall right as I got into Pullman, though temperatures were just above freezing. The weather calls for two to four inches between now and tomorrow morning, so if you're a UW fan, you may want to stay home this weekend in the interest of safety.

If I feel the urge, I'll walk outside the humble abode I'm staying at tomorrow and update this post with the results of tonights snowfall. At this point, there's snowbanks in Moscow that range from a foot tall to holy crap that's tall. As we all know, snow in the Pullman/Moscow area can bring the city to a stand-still. More later, but drive safe whenever it is you plan on leaving.