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HOT COUGAR ACTION: WSU Over Santa Clara, The Day After

I'll have my charts/awards recap up here fairly soon, but there's a fair amount of coverage out there this morning of last night's win, so I figured I'd pass it along.

First up: ESPN college basketball writer Diamond Leung attended the game last night and had a little writeup. Always interesting to get a national view of the team. There's also a short video interview with Thompson. (Although be forewarned: The questions are lame, and the answers are pretty standard.)

Klay Thompson comes through for Wazzu - College Basketball Nation Blog - ESPN
Playing Santa Clara at the start of a two-week road trip made for the classic trap game, but Thompson made sure the Cougars didn’t fall victim to it. He was just 5-of-16 from the field and had six turnovers, but there was also seven rebounds and six assists. And at times, he simply bullied his way into the lane and got fouled even while in foul trouble himself. Yes, the clutch 3-pointers at the end were nice, but Thompson is no longer the guy with the pretty jumper who needs to come off screens to get good looks. 

Here are a couple of others covered from the comfort of their own homes the way we did:

Cougs come back to beat Santa Clara - - Dec. 20, 2010 Lackluster Cougs narrowly avoid upset