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Kansas State Vs. Washington State Open Thread

Brian's hijack from Beasley: DeAngelo Casto looks just fine and should be good to go. In warmups, he was cutting, spinning and doing everything he normally would. It seems like he won't be hampered by his sprained foot at all.

Reggie Moore is a different story. He did go through warmups and is suited up, but his wrist is heavily taped and, I believe, splinted under the tape. Shooting isn't the problem; he did that just fine. The issue arises when he has to dribble with his left, pass to his left or catch a pass with his injured wrist. For what it's worth, Moore was dunking in the layup lines. With two hands. Whatever.

Pre-game notes from Vince Grippi can be found here. My notes, that have to do with Moore and Casto, can be found here.

It's the first big basketball game of the year. It's the start of a weekend dedicating entirely to hating purple. Should be a packed house at Friel.