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2010 APPLE CUP: UW Wins With Late Jake Locker TD Pass

Losing Apple Cups suck.  But I have to give our Cougs credit. There was two times I almost gave up on them:

1) After the fake punt that put UW deep into WSU territory late in the first half.

2) After that Chris Polk long TD in the 4th quarter.

Both times, WSU made plays and battled back.  Even to the point where WSU came through to tie the game with just over four minutes left.

But UW drove down the field, helped by a huge fourth down conversion, and scored the game-winning TD with around 40 seconds left.  Nolan Washington had no idea the pass was coming as Jake Locker hit Jermaine Kearse

I'm pretty sad right now.  I even made a comment to my girlfriend that I hoped they wouldn't have made the comeback, because it made the loss that much harder.

But I take that back.  Jeff Tuel showed us something tonight.  He led two huge fourth quarter drives to come back from a deficit.  I'm convinced if he had more time on that last drive, he would have done it again.

Congrats to UW on their bowl eligibility.  Congrats to Jake Locker, you are a good kid and you probably deserve this.   But I still hate you and your school and hope you get blown out by whatever Big 12 team you play.

As I say this, I see a lot of classless acts by UW fans taunting WSU fans.  Throw snowballs at them, maybe it will keep them out of the bars tonight.

EDIT: I changed my mind.  Don't hurt people. Be better than them.