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Charts of Doom


So, Stanford beat us in every category we're usually better at, and we beat them at the one thing they're usually better at (turnovers). This is why no one should ever bet on sports.

I was going to write something about meltdowns, and how insane we fans are for getting so riled up about them even though we have absolutely zero control over them. However, it's already been said more succinctly and in a more insightful way by many other, better sportswriters out there.

Mainly, we just don't want to hear about this loss from our non-Coug friends, or co-workers, or random acquaintances, or anyone else that dares use the "C-word". Let's just move on and enjoy our Fridays.

Player of the Game - Casto

Unsung Hero - FSN and/or the untimely death of the internet video feed, for ensuring the second half would never reach our eyes.

It was over when... The game was over.

Stat of the Game - Not a stat, but - did you know some people are getting clinically depressed that the real world isn't as visually stunning as the made-up world in Avatar? This makes me feel better about being temporarily upset/enraged over a frustrating basketball game.