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The Time: 1 p.m. PST

The Place: Haas Pavilion (is everything a pavilion in California?) in Berkeley, Calif.

The Coverage: FSN. Find your local radio station here. Audio also available for a fee at

KenPom says: No. 17 Cal 88, No. 98 WSU 71 (71 possessions, 92% confidence Cal_medium

Keys to a Cougar Victory

Well, we'll just keep it simple: Defense will tell the tale. Cal is playing very well right now, and the way they ran out so quick on the Cougs last time has to give them confidence. However, the Bears have been known to have letdowns on Saturdays, especially following emotional victories (of which they just happened to have one on Thursday over UW).

The Cougs have been slowing games down a bit lately, but I honestly think a faster pace is more beneficial in this one. The Bears play a short rotation, so running them around might just be beneficial -- if Ken Bone is willing to dig into his bench today as he did against Arizona.

I'm not even going to try and predict an outcome. I could see it going either direction.