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POSTGAME THREAD: I really don't have much to say

I really don't. We've shown that we have the ability to play with anyone, but we've also shown that we have the ability to play like the worst team in the conference.

We were right there, and then in a flash ... we weren't.

We got beat by a more experienced and mature team today, one that is going to win this conference, probably going away. While I'm not disappointed by the loss, I am disappointed by how it materialized. To have Ken Bone lose his composure and take a technical foul at a critical juncture in the game is simply unacceptable.

If one of the players had taken a T there, Bone would be talking punishment. I hope he owns this one, and owns it loudly.

Just as we did all through the nonconference season, we allowed a Klay Thompson explosion to give us a level of comfort. With Thomspon on lockdown, we scored 25 points in the second half. Klay had 23 in the first.

We've now lost seven of 10. Probably time to recognize that we're not nearly as close to being near the top of this conference as we thought we were.