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Belated, sad charts and awards


A very odd weekend for WSU: getting soundly beat in free throw rate by both Cal and Stanford, and giving up an average of 47 second half points. Yikes.

Some quick awards for yesterday, before we leave you. After all, you should be spending Valentines Day with that special someone, not here in Blogarctica.

Player of the Game: Klay Thompson. Welcome back, sort of. 28 points on 10 of 18 (5 of 8) shooting. Team-high 7 boards.

Unsung Hero: Marcus Capers. 9 points on 4 for 4 shooting, 4 boards, and 4 blocks (!).

It was over when... Bone gets T'd up taking offense to a non-call that went against Klay Thompson.

Stat of the Game: All five WSU starters had three or more turnovers.