Alright Coug Alums, I need Help with WSU Residence Halls

I'm a High School Senior that has been accepted into the fine establishment known as Washington State University (I've been a Coug for life, it was the only school I applied to, the only school I wanted to go to.) Anyway, It's time to do the housing application and I feel like I'm flying blind into this choice. That's when I figured I would use my contacts (A.K.A You fine people) to help me with my choice. For those of you who have been to school there I would really appreciate some help. As of right now, which is about an hour of looking over the websites of all of the halls I have narrowed it down. I need to pick three for the Application, then rank those three in order, I have it narrowed down to (In this order): Olympia Avenue Hall, Waller Hall, and Streit-perham.

I'd love any advice you have on good/bad dorms or, if you prefer, just some stories you have from your time at a WSU dorm. Thanks!

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