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If you missed the Moos ...

There was a lot of excitement generated by Bill Moos' visit to campus over the last 48 hours, which culminated with a public forum that, from all reports, seemed more like a coronation than anything else.

Many of you, like me, weren't able to watch the live stream. So, here are all of your relevant resources for catching up on what you might have missed.

  • If you want to watch the "forum," you can watch the archived video here. (You'll need either RealPlayer or Windows Media Player installed on your computer.)
  • Vince Grippi checks in with his story on the search here.
  • has their story on the forum here, as well as a piece from Stalwick that basically covers the same stuff but has some of the money quotes at the end.

    The winner, of course is this one: "We need to make this place a destination and not a stepping stone. We need to realize that people should want to come here and stay. The coach at the University of Virginia ought to want to be the coach at Washington State." I'm pretty sure I'm in love.
  • Dave Boling of The (Tacoma) News Tribune has a column here. Moos has his endorsement, if that means anything.