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It's time... for HATE WEEK video!

Everybody in the cluuuuuuuub....

How have they not taken this off YouTube yet? This almost rivals the infamous Nate Rob, Mike Jensen and co. Top Hat photo shoot. Almost.

My other devious idea is to get the Beasley video projector operator to play this on the big screen during Husky warmups. The ZZU CRU has to capitalize on this kind of hilarity.

Moving on: let's kick it back to happier times. Words cannot express how much I enjoyed this game:

And there's more video, after the jump...

Seems like way too long ago that we said goodbye to Ivory Clark. Maybe we owe him a little overdue credit for shedding light on the fact Tony Bennett actually wasn't the greatest person on Earth.

And, finally, this isn't technically Husky related, but I'm convinced there's a connection (there's even a hand-signed "W"). It also gives me a chance to sneak some Demetri Martin onto the blog:

I really wouldn't mind if this became U-Dub's fight song.