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AUDIO: Cougs all over the airwaves in advance of UW

As you might have forgotten in all the hubbub over our new athletic director, there's actually a basketball game this week -- one that's kind of a big deal. And since this is one of the three times a year that the Seattle-area broadcast media pays attention to WSU, there are all kinds of interviews out there for your listening pleasure as you gear up for tomorrow.

We've pulled them together here for you to get you going. I'm also planning on having a post later tonight on something I think is a pretty big key for our boys tomorrow, so you can be looking for that at some point.

Ken Bone with Mitch Levy

Ben Johnson with Ian Furness

Reggie Moore with Ian Furness

Then there's this interview of Isaiah Thomas with Dave Mahler. Why might that be interesting? Read this, and then you'll see why you might care.

Oh, and if you haven't gotten enough of Moos, here's an interview with Furness.