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That's more like it

So, I didn't see the game -- I was out celebrating my wife's birthday by spending the day with her at the Pike Place Market (without the lads) and consuming perhaps my favorite beverage in the world -- but I did glance at tonight's stats.

Grady will be along either later tonight or early tomorrow morning with the recap, but in the spirit of my post from yesterday, I thought I'd go ahead and point this out:

Arizona offensive efficiency, Pac-10 play: 105.5

Arizona offensive efficiency, tonight: 93.8

The stats tell me we didn't really harass them into that bad of a shooting night -- pretty much exactly average for them -- but we did an exceptional job of cleaning up the defensive glass and keeping their free throw rate down.

Makes me wish I had seen it, because it sounds precisely like the sort of defensive performance I would have appreciated. I'd love to hear from any of you just how it went down.