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The biggest Kansas State fan in the country

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Yup, that would be me. I'm a bigger K-State fan than even the biggest K-State fan there is.

You might recall that in my early bracket analysis, I said I thought BYU would beat the Wildcats. And I did think that ... before a trip to Las Vegas the weekend of the Final Four, a trip to the championship game in Indianapolis, and a new laptop computer were riding on their performance in the Tournament.

Now, I think they're national championship contenders.

Confused yet? Let me explain.

I have been selected to participate in a Last Fan Standing contest. I'm one of 64 contestants, and if I'm one of the final four, I get the trip to Vegas. If I'm one of the final two, I get flown from there to Indianapolis for the championship game. If I'm the last fan standing, I win a new laptop and get five articles published at (OK, that last one might seem like kind of a letdown, especially since I used to work there and have written stuff for them in the past, but I could really use a new laptop.)

So, how do I win? Simple: I advance when Kansas State -- who was randomly assigned to me last night -- advances in the NCAA Tournament.

I wouldn't say I'm any kind of lock for a prize, but HOLY CRAP THAT'S A GOOD TEAM TO DRAW.

So, how does this fit for you? Well, the very first thing you can do is help me out by GOING TO THE SITE and voting for me as the best blogger. It's under my full name of Jeff Nusser.

It looks like the person who gets the most votes gets a laptop anyway -- and you might get one as well for participating -- so if you love the work we do and want to help me out, go vote. AS OFTEN AS THEY'LL LET YOU. Please. You'll have to register for an account to do it, where they might try to use your e-mail address later, but that's a small sacrifice of privacy to help me out, right?

If you want to read what I wrote for them -- part of the condition of me being in the contest -- you can find that here.

So, you'll have to excuse me if I'm rooting ridiculously hard for Kansas State, starting tomorrow.

Thanks for any help you can give. You guys are the best.