NCAA Day One Recap

For those of you who missed the first day, you missed what was probably the best day of the tournament in a very long time.

After the jump, I'll give you a little run down of the festivities.

That jump was presented by Buffalo Wild Wings.

  • With the exception of a few blowouts, the games were all tied, or close to it, at the final TV timeout.  The day started with a double OT UF-BYU game, an OT game to fend off a 15-2 upset, and a last second shot by ODU to beat ND.  When your NCAA day starts like that, you know it's going to be good.
  • This is as close as you're going to get to an actual Jimmer Jam.  I scoured the internet and there's no evidence Jimmer Fredette can dunk.  It's like trying to photograph Bigfoot


  • Speaking of BYU, Loyd! is now my favorite player in the tournament.  Clutch, fo-hawk sporting, and named after what Ari Gold screams at his assistant.  You can't ask for a better combination.  That said, for Nuss' sake I hope BYU loses by 50.
  • Robert Morris, or Bob Mo as they were affectionately dubbed, only lost on the scoreboard.  Too bad winning hearts doesn't get you to the round of 32.
  • Vanderbilt lost to Murray State in an upset that actually wasn't that much of an upset.  The SEC isn't that good and neither is Vandy.
  • Butler rolled UTEP in a game that UTEP led by 6 at the half.  Butler has, from what I saw, one guy that can dunk.  Athleticism was not the key to their victory.  When a team hits 10 three pointers in the second half, and one guy hits 6 of those (!!!!), you may want to re-evaluate your perimeter defense.
  • Ohio ran Georgetown out of the gym in what truly was the upset of the day.  Did somebody forget to tell Georgetown that Ohio wasn't OSU and Armon Bassett is not Evan Turner?
  • The Pac-Ten is undefeated in the tournament.  By my estimation, this means we're the best conference in America.
  • I didn't know who Spero Dedes was and I now know why.  He's terrible.  He knew virtually nothing about the game going on in front of him.  For the next UW game he calls, I hope he practices saying Pon-dexter.  There's no 'I' in Pondexter, but there is a "Xerox", so copy that name down and say it to yourself for the next two days.  Note: I used the x twice, because it's hard to spell with x's
  • Kenpom had UW-Marquette as a 72-71 Marquette win.  A shootout broke out in San Jose that blew that prediction out of the water.  Kenpom also had UW-Marquette as his "Fan Match".  I was entertained by it.
  • Texas "Horned it" by having one of the most epic meltdowns I've seen in a while. They lost a chance to win in regulation, and blew an 8 point lead in OT.  They lost because of, you guess it, missed free throws.  They really could use a free throw coach.
  • If you're watching the tournament with your girlfriend and the Bud Light "clunkers" commercial comes on, it's OK to laugh at Carrot Top, but laughing at the "clunker girlfriend" part is liable to get you slapped.

That's it for the first day.  If you missed it, I suggest you tune in tomorrow and hope it will be half as exciting as today was.  Feel free to add anything I missed in the comments below

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