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A video recap of the NCAA tournament (Rounds 1 & 2)

Our own cougfan has done a marvelous job filling you all in on each day's happenings throughout the first two rounds of the NCAA tournament. I would encourage you to read all of his fanposts.

However, considering two-thirds of the authors at this site are certified teachers, we understand that some of you learn differently. For those of you I have created a quick video recap of all the important events of this past weekend.

Click the jump for knowledge!

The tournament began with a group of K-State fans (most likely led by our own Jeff Nusser) working extra hard at our favorite sports-themed restaurant during the BYU-Florida game:

Like many years, this tournament is not without some cinderallas:

Including the CougCenter favorite, who won despite their disadvantages:

Of course, not every team can survive, and our favorite could not get out of the second round:

Louisville did not heed the advice of a certain animal expert:

We at CougCenter like to pride ourselves on providing statistical anaylsis. Sadly, we forgot to look at the most important statistic of all, leaving our brackets in ruin:

After all the exciting finishes on the first day of the tourney, the other games were largely ho-hum until Korie Lucious came through in the clutch:

Finally, I must recognize our favorite team to hate, who stands alone as the last remaining Pac-10 team: