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Inquiring minds want to know

Hey, Pac-10! Me again.

You remember Mike Littlewood, right? The ref that essentially stole a victory from WSU by misinterpreting a well-intentioned rule in the first Washington State/Oregon matchup this season? The one you're going to defend to the death, despite the fact 95% of Coug fans would be happy with just a simple apology at this point?

So... if he's a great, competent official, he would be OK to run out there for another Coug game, right? I mean, we're reasonable folks, so if the call was 100% correct we wouldn't hold a grudge. Certainly if he's a quality Pac-10/WAC official he can officiate anytime or anywhere. And yet somehow... he hasn't!

However, Mike Littlewood has been elsewhere. In fact, he was in Moscow recently. Officiating an Idaho/Nevada game that Nevada won - by a point - on a controversial and-one with time expiring. Don Verlin, your thoughts on Littlewood and the rest of his crew?

Seriously, give it up. All we want - on the eve of the rematch - is an apology and admission that Littlewood made a bad call. He's human. We'll get over it. We don't want him to lose his job, although he should apply a little more of the common sense doctrine to his late-game officiating. But lying about the original call and hiding behind your own incompetence is aggravating.

Why should we have to continue to put up with this?