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Some more links for your reading pleasure

Lots of stuff out there today, so I thought I'd add a few things that I ran across during my lunch today.

As an aside, you might have noticed that I've been a little scarce lately. I've just had a crapload of stuff going on both personally and professionally, and I appreciate the other writers -- especially Brian, who's been doing a yeoman's job for being the newest writer on the site -- picking up the slack. I'll be getting back on the proverbial horse tonight with a baseball post, wrapping up what was not a good weekend for the fellas, and I also have some more projects in the bank that should be finally seeing the light of day over the next couple of weeks.

On to the links.

Viking Basketball Signs Michael Harthun To Aid Agreement - The Official Athletics Site of The Portland State University Vikings -
Brian already added this to his story below, but I figured I'd put it here in case you missed it. I'm happy for him. He should do well in the Big Sky, and being close to home can't hurt. A year off with no pressure should do wonders for his self confidence. Alfred stays low key as NFL chance looms
Wondering what Kenny's up to as the draft approaches? If you've ever heard any his interviews in the past, you won't be surprised to find out that he's not really stressing it.

Anderson Awarded Pac-10 Male Track Athlete of the Week - WASHINGTON STATE OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE
Fourth time in Jeshua's career. Congrats.

Cougar Alum Drew Polley 16th at Boston Marathon - WASHINGTON STATE OFFICIAL ATHLETIC SITE
It automatically qualifies Polley for the next Olympic trials. Pretty cool.