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Moos will take his stumping for WSU athletics to the Seattle airwaves

Per the official Twitter account of the WSU athletic department, Athletic Director Bill Moos will be joining Ian Furness on 950-AM KJR in Seattle at 1 p.m. today. He'll apparently be on for an hour, which is no small accomplishment considering KJR is the flagship station of you-know-who.

If you are out of the reaches of the KJR airwaves (or stuck inside without a radio), you can listen live online here. However, I strongly recommend waiting until 1 p.m. to do that, since Dave Mahler's show is on right now.

KJR also posts the audio file online when it's over, which I'll pass along when it's available.

EDIT: Here's the audio file. You can listen to it on a pop-out player or subscribe to all of Ian's audio on KJR here. (I do. Seriously, I only listen to podcasts anymore. It's the only way to roll.)