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SOME MONDAY LINKS: Let's all sleep until Spring

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Jeshua Anderson: Still owning the Universe. (via
Jeshua Anderson: Still owning the Universe. (via

Hello CougCenter faithful! After perusing the internet today, I've decided it may be a good idea for all us Cougar fans to take a hint from our bear friends out on the fringes of campus and spend some time hibernating each sports season. If we wake up sometime around the start of the spring sports schedule, we will all live in a much happier place where WSU is consistently in the national polls and competing for championships.

We'll start with baseball, which is reaping the rewards from taking a road series from a ranked Stanford squad this weekend:

  • WSU has jumped into the polls, sitting at number 24 in both the Baseball America and Collegiate Baseball rankings. USA Today has yet to join the Cougar bandwagon, as WSU receives just nine votes in their list. Boycott that newspaper until further notice.
  • Lost in the awesomeness from the ninth inning on Sunday was some of the excitement over the HOLY CRAP JAMES WISE JUST PITCHED EIGHT SHUTOUT INNINGS event on Saturday. It was a career high for James and he added eight strikeouts for good measure. The Pac-10 has recognized his tree-chopping efforts and awarded him Pitcher of the Week. Looks like Marbut's move to start him turned out to be a Wise one. ZING! (I'll show myself out).
  • ESPN's College baseball blog now has the Cougs solidly in the field in their bracketology. Last week, they were listed as "last nine in." This week, they no longer have that distinction. What's most interesting is where Jeremy Mills has WSU playing in the regional. Revenge is a dish best served cold and in a completely different sport. Don't let anyone tell you differently.

There is an old saying my dad used to spout off each Spring. I believe it went something like, "There are only three things that are guaranteed in life: death, taxes, and Jeshua Anderson dominating in the 400 meter hurdles."

  • Jeshua is doing it again. He's winning championships. This time it was his third-straight Pac-10 title. He also broke the meet record in the event. Where do you think this guy puts all his trophies?
  • Joining Anderson in victory was junior javelin thrower Marissa Tschida. This was not unexpected, as Marissa still maintains the longest throw of any competitor in the nation this season.
  • Rowing also held it's Pac-10 Championships this week. WSU finished in sixth place. Did I mention WSU is ranked 11th in the country? They have built a phenomenal program out there on the Snake.

That's it for today. In summation: WSU Spring sports are awesome.