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Scholarship Chart Update

In between work, getting situated in my temporary new home and daydreaming about becoming a billionaire just for the purposes of buying the Mariners and ramping up the payroll, I had time to update the scholarship chart tonight.


You can also click on it any time under our new 'special features' tab on your left. This way you have quicker/easier access to the scholarship chart and our new (insanely awesome I might add) football recruiting page. I wish I could take more credit for the latter.

It looks like the Cougar scholarship situation is set for 2010-11, and currently for 2011-12 as well. But we all know how things are subject to change.

The theme developing on the roster currently is that WSU is going small. Well, sort of. There's a definitive lack of size, especially at the 4 and 5, where Steven Bjornstad is currently the only old-school big man on the roster. However, there is a lot of height, and with Andre Winston and Dexter Kernich-Drew the Cougars now seem to have no shortage of taller guards/forwards who can shoot the ball and create matchup problems against shorter teams.

Tonight's final commitment means the roster should be set (please hit those books hard, James). The nagging question is: what will Ken Bone do with it?