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Colorado joins Pac-10; Big-12 exodus begins

Various reports surfaced this morning indicating that Colorado will make the first move in the conference expansion race, leaving the Big 12 and joining the Pac-10. According to numerous media agencies, the Buffalos will be announcing their intentions at 9 AM PDT today.

The move means that Baylor should end up being the team left out in the cold if the Pac-16 becomes a reality. All indications are that Nebraska will move to the Big 10, with the Texas and Oklahoma schools joining the Pac-16. The only question that has persisted was whether Colorado or Baylor would join those schools. Colorado is the superior choice in almost every facet and was high on the wish list of Larry Scott from the beginning. The Pac-10 now diversifies its television markets, adding the lucrative Denver area, and adds a school that fits the overall mission of the conference.

Exactly one week ago, the first rumors of the Pac-10 making a bold move and raiding the Big 12 surfaced. Today, the dominoes are beginning to fall. It's a good time to be in the Pac-10 and Larry Scott should be applauded for his efforts. Welcome to the Pac-10, Colorado.

For more on expansion, visit SBNation's story stream.

Edit Brian 9:15 AM: OFFICIAL!