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PAC-10 EXPANSION: WSU reaction to Colorado news

Grippi checks in with the WSU reaction story tonight:

WSU athletic director Bill Moos vocally opposed expansion when he took the position in February. He’s changed his mind. In fact, he doesn’t want the conference to stop with Colorado.

Asked if a much larger Pac-10 would be good for Washington State, Moos answered, "I believe it is. I’m convinced of that now."

Moos said his worries were based on losing a presence in Southern California and the Bay Area, fertile recruiting grounds for WSU sports. But the more the conference expands, the greater the chance the Cougars would be aligned with the California schools.

"Now that we’ve gone to 11, anything we can do … that can keep us with east/west type of divisions, so we can keep that California presence," is crucial, he said. "If we start going north/south, we probably would not see that."

He also had a cool piece this morning examining the logistics of a mega conference from the WSU perspective. The best line of the piece? Regarding scheduling ...

There would be a lot more money coming in, so there’s that. With less financial pressure, maybe the three non-conference opponents could be three really crappy teams.


Call it the SEC plan.