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MWC adds Boise State, Idaho weeps

The MWC stopped waiting for the Big 12 to completely collapse, moving to expand by adding Boise State to the conference. Multiple outlets are reporting that after a week in a holding pattern, the Broncos will join the MWC today, leaving the WAC in flames. In BSU, the MWC gets another team on the outside looking in at the BCS national championship picture. Between TCU and BSU, the MWC can now sit in a circle and moan about the flawed college bowl system.

Unfortunately, this move leaves the Idaho Vandals without a natural rival. The series with Washington State dissolved and with BSU leaving, Idaho is all by its lonesome again. On the plus side, the Vandals are now free to become the dominant team in the WAC. Sure they'll get left behind in the conference expansion race, but when they start rolling in league titles, does it even matter? Akey's Army will be playing in the Meinke's hair care and tire bowl for years to come.

In other news, Texas A&M still thinks they can survive in the SEC with Texas (they can't). Nebraska should also be announcing a decision soon today, making the downfall of the Big 12 official. For now, we have these fringe conference moves. In all seriousness, if the Big 12 collapses, the MWC stands to pick up the pieces, become a BCS automatic qualifier, and be in a much better position than they currently are.

Note: Feel free to use this as an expansion discussion thread.