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Nebraska joins Big Ten, Big 12 is dead

Nebraska finally made it official late this morning, spurning the Big 12 to join the Big Ten. The move will be widely viewed as the death blow of the Big 12. In just over a week, the Big 12 has completely collapsed, with schools beginning to vacate left and right. Nebraska steps in to a conference that should be a better fit for them and their style of football, in addition to gaining a share of the lucrative Big Ten TV deal. They also will now have access to a larger pool of research funds as a result of their membership in the Big Ten.

For the Pac-10, this makes the possibility of adding the Texas and Oklahoma schools a near reality. Nebraska anchored the Big 12 North and without them, the conference just cannot survive. This whole time it's seemed like a game of chicken between Texas and Nebraska. Neither school wanted to be known as the one that killed the Big 12, but both wanted to get out. Tom Osbourne finally made the move official today, likely officially marking the end of the Big 12.

In the next few days, expect to see Texas, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State, and Texas Tech join Colorado in the Pac-10. All indications are that it's merely a formality at this point. The only question mark remaining is whether or not A&M comes along for the ride or tries to gain admittance into the SEC. In just over a week, the landscape of college football has drastically changed, and it's not done yet.