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PAC-10 EXPANSION: Texas declines

Whatever Dan Beebe was selling appears to have worked. The deal for the monstrous Pac-16 and lucrative money that came with it appears to be over.


A news conference is scheduled for tomorrow morning.

The money spent by ESPN unnamed TV network appears to have kept the Big 12 alive for now. ESPN An unnamed TV network was incredibly scared of Texas moving to a Pac-10 superconference and was willing to take a loss in order to prevent it.

Larry Scott went all out to lure the Big 12 schools as his plan A, and it nearly worked. The only thing that stopped it was ESPN an unnamed TV network looking out for its own interests.

For now, the Big 12 lives on, if at least temporarily. The league is severely weakened by the the loss of Nebraska and Colorado, both in athletics and academics. While the money from a new TV deal will help alleviate that, it still is putting a temporary fix on a permanent problem.

In the end, Texas wins. They get an unbalanced amount of money, their own network, and a free walk to the Big 12's BCS bid. I don't blame them for taking this deal one bit. There was more money in the Pac-10 superconference, but the Big 12 offers familiarity and an ability to dominate the landscape.

Larry Scott will go back to plan B, which a few months ago was the plan that excited everyone. Utah will likely get the invite to the Pac-10, the conference will cap it's membership at 12 for now, and we all get an upgraded TV contract. It may not be the big fish, but it works until the inevitable collapse of the Big 12.*

*All statements contained in this post are valid for 24 hours or until A&M/Oklahoma/OSU decide to walk from the Big 12.