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PAC-10 EXPANSION: What they're saying

Taking off on Grady's "now that the dust has settled" theme, I figured I'd throw a bunch of links your way -- stuff I've run across over the past 24 hours -- for your reading and/or listening pleasure.

Pac Expansion Winner: Washington State - WSU Football Blog
"There has been some speculation that each school can expect to get anywhere from 25% to 50% more from TV alone compared to what is in place now. Not that we'll be swimming in cash, but, doesn't up to 50% more money from TV sound good from a WSU point-of-view?"

Pac-10 expansion: The Texas conspiracy theory | College Hotline
Jon Wilner weighs in on just how it is that Texas might have pulled all the strings on this one. At the end, he says it's a little far fetched. I think it's actually probably spot on.

Naive Big 12 boss will get fooled again -- just wait - NCAA Football -
"Dan Beebe says he can trust his constituents and competitors, the Big 12 won't need to expand from the 10 schools it will have in two years and all is hunky dory. Gary Parrish says it's time for Beebe to grow up."

Texas saved Big 12 because doing so was best for Texas - Andy Staples -
"At the end of the day, though, Texas took care of Texas. "Every family I know tries to take care of their family first," Texas football coach Mack Brown said Tuesday in a way only Mack Brown can. "And then they try to help their friends." That the Big 12 stayed afloat was a happy accident. Again, there is nothing wrong with that. If fans of Missouri or Texas Tech or Oklahoma State don't like playing in a league run by the Longhorns, they have two options: Join another conference or hire smart executives and coaches and find a way to make more money than Texas."

Beginning of the End (6/15) - The Solid Verbal podcast
"Ty and Dan talk with Spencer Hall [of SB Nation's] about the Big 12’s slow death, Dan Beebe’s pyramid scheme, Texas A&M’s culture, Larry Scott’s clever maneuvering, and why Univision should broadcast everything, including college football." - How the Big 12 came back to life
Only read this if you like reading people metaphorically pat themselves on the back with writing -- and only if you want to throw up in your mouth a little.

Conference Realignment Puts On The map - CNBC
"Starting with his initial story that day that was the first to detail a possible move by six Big XII schools to the Pac-10, Brown has broken nearly every part of the college realignment story that resulted in a new 10-team Big XII with Colorado leaving for the Pac-10 and Nebraska going to the Big Ten." Again, only read if you want to throw up in your mouth a little.