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Larry Scott talks Chip Brown, alignment

Bud Withers was able to grab a few words with Larry Scott and the interview turned up some interesting nuggets. The biggest topic at hand right now is how the Pac-12 is going to align the divisions.

Pac-10 commissioner Larry Scott, reached late Thursday after returning from Utah, said, "We know how they (Colorado) feel about it. (But) it's not part of our agreement."

Scott said discussion would take place with athletic directors and coaches, likely after Pac-10 football media day July 29.

"We're not going to rush it," he said. "We have not decided exactly how it's going to work."

All the rumblings of alignment already being set and Colorado being promised a spot in the same division as USC and UCLA just aren't true at this point. While a North/South alignment seems likely, nothing has been decided.

Much has been made of Colorado AD Mike Bohn's statement that a condition of the Buffaloes entry into the Pac-10 was a pairing with the Southern California schools. I'm not gonna say he was lying, but look at the facts.

At the time CU was formally invited, Scott was in the middle of attempting to raid the Big 12. If that were to happen, Colorado would join their five neighbors to the South in a division. Does anyone really think that Colorado demanded a bunch of conditions to join the Pac-10? I'm going to go out on a limb and say they were happy to get out of the Big 12 North.

The bottom line is the conference is no rush to make a decision on conference alignment. In the end, Scott won't be able to please everyone. My bet is that after a few years of playing in the Pac-12, everyone will forget about alignment complaints. Or, more likely, the Big 12 folds, the Pac-12 makes their move, and the problem is solved.

Finally, Withers asked the question on everyone's mind.

Meanwhile, Scott disputed a report by earlier this week that Texas was wary of Scott's intentions partly because late in the negotiations, he tried to switch out Oklahoma State and replace the Cowboys with Kansas in the deal.

"That is completely untrue," Scott said. "We never had one conversation, either (assistant) Kevin Weiberg or myself, with Kansas throughout this process. That's spin coming from someone."