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Dan Beebe: Real man of genius

This was far too good to pass up today. Remember that ironclad pledge Chip Brown, Dan Beebe, and nearly everyone associated with the Big 12 mentioned? The one that would force the members to stay in the conference for the long haul?

Chuck Carlton of the Dallas Morning News got ahold of Dan Beebe (H/T Ralphie Report) and asked about this show of solidarity from the Big 12 members.

As part of their plans for continuing the Big 12 with impending defections, Kansas, Kansas State, Baylor, Iowa State and Missouri agreed to 10-year commitments as a sign to other schools that might have considered joining or remaining in the league. The 10-year commitment now only applies to those five and may not be even applicable given the change in circumstances.

Wait, so the five schools that had nowhere to go and were clinging to the Big 12 like their lives depended on it pledged solidarity? It must've been like pulling teeth to get that kind of deal out of them.

While Beebe does say the Big 12 may revisit its bylaws in an effort to make membership more ironclad, this continues to show just how funny this whole saga was. Three of the five members leaning toward leaving took the lion's share of the Big 12 money. All five of the nearly mega-conference bound members were able to skirt signing a pledge of solidarity. Punishment for flirting with the opposition? Missing in action.

The Big 12 looks to be as strong and healthy as an ox. Nope, no cracks in that foundation or cause for dissension in the ranks.

Dan Beebe, today's real man of genius.