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NCAA REGIONALS: Kansas State-WSU Game Thread

Game time: 12:05 PT

Video feed: Here Gametracker: Here

Do or die today, folks.

The Cougs face their first elimination game today, and hopefully they will see another this evening.

James Wise should be taking  the mound against KSU. He emerged as the Saturday starter late in the season, and came through with some very impressive outings. He has worked deep into the ball game on several occassions, and the Cougs are certainly going to need that today.

For Kansas State, the best guy they have available is Evan Marshall. He posts a FIP of 4.30, but doesn't strike out a whole lot of men, just 5.47 per nine innings. Other potential starters could be Justin Lindsey (6.83 FIP, 6.12 K/9) or Ryan Daniel (5.30 FIP, 5.37 K/9). It is safe to say, no matter who we face, they are not going to be the dominant force that Smyly was yesterday for Arkansas.

EDIT: Justin Lindsey is starting for Kansas State.

Whatever happens today, I can say this regional has been much more enjoyable to follow than last year's. The 2009 Cougs seemed allergic to scoring runs, but this team can and will mount huge rallies. Let's hope they have a few more in them, because I'm having a lot of fun and that is something WSU fans have not had much of lately.