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NCAA REGIONALS: Fayetteville Championship Game Thread

Game Time: 5:05 PT and 7:05 CT (Craig Time)

Live Video: Here. Gametracker: Here. Your Latest Bacon News: Here.

Have we all recovered from yesterday yet? Did you make an appointment with your doctor to make sure the ticker is still fine? How does it feel to have a successful team to root for?

Well, what seemed impossible in the third inning of yesterday's K-State game is very real now. If the Cougs can manage to scrape together enough pitching and timely hitting to beat Arkansas for the second straight night, they will set up a date with a team they have already taken two of three from this year.

So what of that pitching? Nuss tweeted last night that Chad Arnold has thrown 175 pitches this weekend. AT MOST we could see him for an inning or two. Paris Shewey hasn't thrown much this weekend, so don't be surprised if he starts. Adam Conley had a whole day off! You would have to think he is available. We can assume it will be like last night, where there is no intention to leave a guy out there for a long time, just putting guys in there for three innings or so.

For Arkansas, they have played one less game and their situation isn't as dire. I'm not sure if he will start, but you can bet we will see Drew Smyly sometime tonight. Building an early lead is advised. We found out last night we sometimes are capable of doing just that!

For maximum enjoyment, don't forget to print out Grady's NCAA Regional Championship Bingo Card!

Go Cougs!