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Standout Duos: Kyle Weaver and Derrick Low


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We're big Canada lovers here at CougCenter, and any chance we have to do our part to promote our Northern Neighbors, we jump at the opportunity.

When Labatt Blue Light asked us to sponsor a post about a pair of Cougs who stand out as magnificently as the Blue Light Refreshment Duo, we decided to look to the past to find our duo: Derrick Low and Kyle Weaver.

The back-to-back NCAA Tournament appearances that Cougar basketball enjoyed are almost universally known to Coug fans as the "Low-Weaver" years. These two were the best players on the two of the best teams in Washington State history.

While the Cougs were generally regarded for their defensive prowess (as well they should have been, ranked 7th in the nation in defensive efficiency), they were no slouches on the offensive end either. WSU finished the year 26th in the country in offensive efficiency, and the duo of Derrick Low and Kyle Weaver played a huge role in that.

As we all know, Low was the scorer. He was a master of working screens and needed very little space to get his shot off. His senior year, he posted a very good 110.7 ORtg while using 22.0% of the Cougs' possessions. He also rarely turned the ball over, finishing 33rd nationally with a 11.2 TO Rate. He was very efficient and he came up with many a big three for Wazzu.

Of course, we know many of Derrick's open looks were the direct result of his teammate, Kyle Weaver. Kyle was an efficient offensive player in his own right, posting an above average 104.8 ORtg, but he did most of his damage creating for others. Weaver put up a very shiny 28.5 Assist Rate, with many of those ending up in the hands of Derrick Low.

Of course, Kyle's contributions were not only limited to the offensive end. He was the best lock-down defender in the Pac-10. He rarely fouled (2.3 FD/40) and forced his fair share of turnovers with a 3.5 steal percentage. He also rebounded and blocked shots like a big man. Also, there was this against a future lottery pick.

Kyle and Derrick's efforts culminated in a 61-41 pounding of Notre Dame to advance to the school's first ever Sweet 16. That game and that moment is something that will be a lasting memory for Coug fans everywhere.

Cheers to you Derrick and Kyle. We'll never see a duo like you again.