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PAC-10 EXPANSION: Nebraska to the Big 10 could be the first domino to fall

From SBN's Nebraska blog, Corn Nation:

Lee Barfknecht of the Omaha World-Herald is reporting that an executive at a Big XII school expects Nebraska to join the Big Ten as soon as this Friday. Tonight on his weekly appearance on the Husker Sports Network, Tom Osborne told host Lane Grindle:

"hopefully we’ll get things put together in the next few days."

Very interesting. Now, this could be just one of the many fruitless Big 10 expansion rumors that have been passed along throughout the spring. So don't get yourselves too excited!

So what exactly would this move mean for the Pac 16?

The feeling is that the seemingly inevitable blowup of the Big 12 has become a stand-off between Texas and Nebraska. Whoever bolts first will have the label as the "School who broke up the Big 12." If Nebraska really does make this move, that may just trigger a series of events that leads to our new Western United States MegaConference. I believe the timeline will look something like this:

1) Nebraska moves to the Big 10.

2) Larry Scott swoops in as Big 12 officials start updating their resumes.

3) ?????

4) Profit!